When Will Apple Release iOS 13.5 to the Public?

iOS 13.5

iOS 13.5 Beta 3 has been released to Developers and soon to Public Beta testers. iOS 13.5 Beta is a rename of iOS 13.4.5 and brings bug fixes along with contact tracing on iOS and Android apps. In this video I go over all the new features in iOS 13.5 Beta 3 including expected battery life, performance and more on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Air 2. Apple also released updates for Apple Watch and Apple TV.

iOS 13.5 is going to be a minor release from Apple that will primarily focus on bug fixes and stability improvements. The highlight of the update is that it will introduce the exposure notifications API a.k.a contact tracing API for government health bodies across the world. The other notable changes made by Apple in iOS 13.5 include your iPhone skipping directly to the passcode screen if it detects one wearing a mask, the ability to disable large tiles in FaceTime group calls, and the option to share Apple Music songs directly to Instagram and Facebook stories.

Apple is likely going to release another beta of iOS 13.5 this week before releasing the final build of the OS to the public towards the middle of the month.

Are you looking forward to iOS 13.5 release? If so, is it because Face ID will be smart enough to recognize you are wearing a mask and jump directly to the passcode screen? Or is it due to the new contact tracing API?


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